About us

Champions Sports Agency

As a soccer fan since the age of 3 and a former professional, I have seen throughout my 17 year career that soccer can be as beautiful as it is cruel.

Soccer changes every year and the competition gets stronger and stronger. A bad frame, a bad choice or a few doubts can make everything change.

We can’t count the number of extremely talented and passionate young people who have had their passion stopped for a few disappointments. It is also sadly famous that sometimes, some professional players who were in a very good situation, find themselves ruined or having broken careers because of a very bad support…

That’s why the adage that says “soccer is certainly a physical sport, but it’s mostly 70%, it’s mental” must be taken seriously!!!

As a former professional, I wish, through my experience, to help each player according to his level to reach his maximum potential because I measure the importance of all these obstacles that face a soccer player.

"I have the responsibility to help my little brothers to succeed in this wonderful profession"